Help! Scyld Beowuld Installation:

Sean DIlda agrajag at
Sat Apr 27 19:33:27 PDT 2002

On Sat, 2002-04-27 at 21:24, Ao Jiang wrote:
>   Hi,
>   I am a beginner of Beowulf user. I tried to install it usingscyld
> beowulf release 2.0 Preview. I installed the master node successfully. But

Ack! That version's over a year and a half old.. If you are really
interested in our software, I strongly recommend getting a newer

> when I installed the slave nodes, I met a problem. According to
> Installation guide, when I boot the slave node from CD-Rom, the slave
> node will be listed in beosetup by MAC address. It happened! When I
> dragged it to center column, clicked 'apply'. The node is assigned
> to node 0. But the slave node is always 'down', even if I reboot the
> master node. The status slave node still is 'down'.
>   By the way, the slave node always send singal "Sending RARP request..."

Based on the message you see on the slave node, I'd say it sounds like
either the file isn't getting written during the apply, or the daemons
aren't getting sighup'ed like they should.

My guess is its the daemons not getting sighuped?  Where there any
problems during boot?  Instead of the green 'OK' message it would have
had a red 'FAILED' message.

You might want to try forcing the beowulf daemons to restart.  As root,
do: /sbin/service beowulf restart
If you see failed messages when its shutting stuff down, don't worry
about it, however if everything isn't 'OK' when they try to start again,
then there is a problem there.
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