LAN question...

Jim Fraser fraser5 at
Sat Apr 27 06:12:47 PDT 2002

I am sorry this is not a direct beowulf question but I am trying to
understand the whole Wake-on-LAN feature and Resume on PME# features on my
motherboards that I am using in a cluster.  I figured someone here might
know more about this them me. (because I know very little on this subject
and I am having difficulty finding out from the hardware folks info as well)

My question are:

1) What exactly is PME#?  My motherboard can "Resume on PME#" and in the
bios I have it active and it says that if you can resume if there is traffic
on the onboard network adapter or PCI LAN card and that I need an ATX power
supply (which I understand and have) is there a special number or code that
I must send the NIC to turn on the system?  If I try and telnet to the
system (while it is off) I get no response.

2) Is "resume on PME#" different then WOL?

3) what does PME# stand for? I am guessing but Power Management...something

4) Some of the newer external NIC's clam to support WOL and don't have a WOL
cable  that goes to the motherboard WOL connector (Linksys NIC's).   In the
manual it says that the cable is not needed anymore as this can be activated
thru the PCI bus if your mother board supports PXE (which it does).  Again,
is there a magic code to have the NIC send a signal to the motherboard to
have it turn itself on? Also, does it have to go in a special PCI slot?

Any help you can shed would be appreciated.



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