Tyan Tiger 2460 (Re)

Steve Gaudet SGaudet at turbotekcomputer.com
Fri Apr 26 05:34:36 PDT 2002


> On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Steve Gaudet wrote:
> > Has anyone reported these issues to Tyan's technical 
> support?  Tyan knows
> > that their products sell very well in the Linux cluster 
> market.  So not
> > addressing these issues would cause customers to look elsewhere.
> We filed a ticket yesterday, but AFAIK no response yet.  I've been
> snooping their website (and 3com's, and google, and anything 
> else I can
> think of) trying to find some hint that this problem has been reported
> before.  It is very strange that such a complete screw up could still
> exist -- how can anybody be using Tigers in 1U or 2U cases if this
> problem is universal?  I posted here half hoping to hear somebody say
> "Ah, you need to change XXX in the bios, you idiot".  I'd even welcome
> the idiot part, if only I could get things to work.

I also submitted a ticket on this and made them aware of the list.  I'll
follow up with a call next week if I don't hear something soon.  We're also
going to do some testing here in our lab.


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