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>Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 11:18:46 +0100
>From: javier.iglesias at
>To: beowulf at
>Subject: Suggestions on fiber Gigabit NICs
>Hi all,
>To cope with some network bottleneck problems leading to calculation
>crashes, we envisage to migrate our 18-nodes' (bi-AMD 1600+/Tyan Tiger
>MP/FastEthernet/Scyld 27-b8) master to Gigabit.
>I would like to get your feelings/experiences on two fiber Gigabit
>NICs :
You probably should consider the SysKonnect and Intel offerings too..

Also, if in a cluster that all machines are close together why fibre?
Copper is a lot less expensive.

Also why Scyld?
More modern bproc and other parts are available as downloadable GPL materials..

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