Data management on Beowulf Clusters?

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Tue Apr 16 20:58:31 PDT 2002


Is data management a real issue on Beowulf clusters?
Does anyone have problems moving data from one node to
another, or finds rcp not enough?

I recently discovered that the Globus project has
released the Globus ToolKit 2.0, which has some
components for data grids. Here are some of their nice
features that we may be able to take advantage of:

1) do data I/O accounting.

2) we don't depend on a shared filesystem anymore.

3) better security -- GridFTP is integrated with KRB5.

4) better performance in data transfer.

I am wondering if anyone knows if we can take
advantage of GridFTP and other components to solve
data management problems on beowulf clusters?

Any experience is welcome!

And lastly, Globus is an opensource, non-profit


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