Dual Xeon Clusters

Abhishek sinha aby_sinha at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 16 18:18:16 PDT 2002

Hi list members,

I am building a dual Xeon 4-node cluster; My understanding of 
hyperthreading leaves me to conclusion that it depends largely on the 
code to benefit from it. Otherwise in many cases the performance can 
become worse than before using a hyperthreaded Xeon processors. My 
question is ; Are there any benchmarks available for the benchmarking of 
the Xeon processors in hyperthreaded mode ? Will the normal benchmarks 
that we use ..work on these systems and would it give a fair glance at 
the power of the Xeon .? If not what other way can i find the 
performance of Xeon processors in a clustered env.

I am using 2.2 Ghz Xeon processors on an E7500 chipset.

Thanks in advance to all


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