very high bandwidth, low latency manner? (i860)

Michael Stein mas at
Fri Apr 12 15:37:50 PDT 2002

> bandwidth was highest on IA64 460GX...). I can't imagine that the i860 can
> actually perform as well as 340MByte/sec since the Hub-Link (between
> the MCH and the P64H) has a limit of 266MByte/sec (AFAIK) ....

The data sheet for the i860 shows 3 separate Hub-links A, B and C.

A is 266 MByte/sec (and typically runs the 33 Mhz 32 bit stuff).

B and C are 533 MByte/sec each and drive the P64Hs.
(16 bits * 66 Mhz * 4x data xfers).

The pdf is about 1.1 MB.

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