very high bandwidth, low latency manner?

Iwao Makino rickey-co at
Thu Apr 11 20:54:59 PDT 2002

At 5:29 +0200 12.04.2002, Steffen Persvold wrote:
>On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Craig Tierney wrote:
>>  I talked to a guy at SC2002 from Quadrics and he said
>>  that list pricing on a Quadrics network was about $3500
>>  per node when you are in the 100s of nodes and up.
>>  The price includes the cards, cables, switches,
>>  etc.  This doesn't include any sort of discount that you
>>  might get.  Myrinet is about $2000 for an equivelent
>>  network at list price.   Dolphin/SCI falls around $2245 list
>>  per node (if the system is > 144 nodes and you have to get
>>  the 3d card).
>This is list prices for the cards only, right ? What about the switches
>needed. AFAIK Quadrics and Myrinet both need switches, SCI don't (which
>makes the total system cost a bit lower doesn't it ?).

As said on above,  QsNet is per node price including all.
Do does Myrinet, so SCI/Dolphin and Myrinet is about equal.

SCI has good idea of not using switches, but on the other hand, it is
little more complex to connect.

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