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Manel Soria manel at labtie.mmt.upc.es
Fri Apr 12 01:12:49 PDT 2002

We need a power control unit for our 72 nodes cluster. My first
idea was to do it ourselves with a digital i/o card and a set of relais, but
I can't find such a card for Linux.  Actually, I have an ISA card that
is perfect for this application but for some reason with PCI bus it
is more difficult. Also, it seems that the "normal" solution is to buy a
comercial APC system.

Any experiences with in-house made power controls ? Would you
recomend us to buy the APC product ?

Dr. Manel Soria
ETSEIT - Centre Tecnologic de Transferencia de Calor
C/ Colom 11  08222 Terrassa (Barcelona) SPAIN
Tf:  +34 93 739 8287 ; Fax: +34 93 739 8101
E-Mail: manel at labtie.mmt.upc.es

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