DHCP Help Again

Roger L. Smith roger at ERC.MsState.Edu
Thu Apr 11 11:00:04 PDT 2002

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002 tegner at nada.kth.se wrote:

> Very helpful! Thanks!
> But I'm still curious about how you make - automagically - the hardware ethernet
> line in dhcpd.conf initially. Say you have 100 machines. One way I would think
> of would be to use kickstart and:
> Install the machines and boot them up in sequence and using the range statement
> in dhcpd.conf (so that the first machine gets, the second
> ...)
> Once all nodes are up use some script to extract the mac addresses for all the
> nodes and either modify dhcpd.conf - or - discard of dhcp completely and
> hardwire the ip-addresses to each node.
> But I'm sure there are better ways to do this?

That's exactly how I do it.  Then, in the Kickstart configuration script,
I have the node configure itself not to use DHCP anymore.  It is a bit
cumbersome when new nodes are added, but since the nodes that I will be
installing in two weeks are the product of a purchase cycle that started
in February, I don't have to worry about doing it too often.

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