Newest RPM's?

hanzl at hanzl at
Tue Apr 2 00:28:38 PST 2002

> I am using RH7.2 on my master node and would like to RPM the latest stable
> version of Scyld, instead of using the CD (I have 27Bz-7, based on RH6.2)

I am not sure there is RH7.2 based Scyld system already available,
thought it is quite possible I missed something.

You may consider Clustermatic - it is similar to Scyld but smaller
(and therefore easier), rpm install on top of RH7.2 works great and
you may download iso images if you want.

See my previous post "Clustermatic: smooth upgrade to new version" for
rpm-install microhowto:


Vaclav Hanzl

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