Syntax for executing

Eric Miller emiller at
Mon Apr 1 17:41:18 PST 2002

Hey all, got a five-node cluster up running 27-z9, preparing for a 30 node

- What is the syntax to run an executable in the cluster environment?  For
example, I run

NP=5 mpi-mandel

to run the test fractal program.  How would I execute say, SETI, using the
cluster?  Assume that the SETI executable is in the PATH.  Also, the older
version of Scyld had some test code in /usr/mpi-beowulf/*.  Is that gone?

-  What would cause all but one of the processors to show usage in
beostatus?  The node shows "up" in every other way: hardware identical,
memory, swap, network, etc....just when I run something, only that one
processor on one node shows no % usage.


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