Survey for ALS..

Thomas Davis tadavis at
Mon Oct 1 09:50:49 PDT 2001

As many of you know, ALS is being held at the Oakland Convention center
this year.  (12th and Broadway)

What many of you don't know, is there is a Supercomputer machine room 7
blocks away (19th and Franklin (19th and Broadway)).  I've talked to my
management, and they are receptive to doing a tour.

So, how many people would be interested in touring the NERSC
( machine room during ALS, and get to see:

1) #2 supercomputer on the top500 list, #1 unclassified system in the
2) several different clusters (PDSF, Alvarez, GUS)
3) Cray equipment (T3E, SV90's)
4) HPSS with over a petabyte of tape storage.

If your interested in doing this during ALS, please email me back, with
a time in mind.

I'll tally them up, and post later this month the results.


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