Scyld and autofs/NFS

farul ghazali farul_g at
Fri Jun 29 00:18:47 PDT 2001

Hi all,

I'm not sure this is possible, but basically I'm
trying to mount my home directories which live on a
separate machine on the external network onto my Scyld
nodes. The file server is on the external network
along with the head node. The compute nodes are on the
internal 192.168.x network (default Scyld settings).

I set up autofs and so far the head node mounts the
/home/$user directories as expected. The compute nodes
complain about /home not being exported, which is also
kind of expected since autofs takes over /home

So my questions are

a) is it possible to reexport an NFS filesystem? 
b) how would I do this with autofs where the
directories are dynamically mounted? 


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