Pentium IV Xeon memory bandwidth. Any experience?

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Mon Jun 25 08:39:17 PDT 2001

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 02:19:15PM +0200, Thomas Guignon wrote:

> We have tested and 1.2 Ghz with PC2100 DDR with Level 1 Blas and results are
> quite nice:
> -dnrm2: (one vector read)
> 1450 10^6 B/s
> -ddot: (two vector read)
> 1040 10^6 B/s
> -daxpy (one vector read and one vector read/write)
> 1150 10^6 B/s
> - copy  (one vector read and one vector write)
> 990 10^6 B/s

These numbers look like they are for vectors that fit into cache.

What does the STREAM benchmark report for this board? I bet it's
substantially slower, and the person asking the question wanted main
memory bandwidth, not cached bandwidth.

-- g

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