liquid cooling

Mark Hahn hahn at
Wed Jun 20 12:52:36 PDT 2001

> a liquid cooling method discussion - I'm talk'n coffee). Then you could
> have a program called coffee that would crank up your cpus to just the
> right brewing temperature, make the coffee and keep it warm on top of the
> case.
> Ah but I have given away to much. I am off to patent the 
> "one click coffee maker workstation case"

I'm worried about the feedback in a system like this.
for instance, I come in in the morning needing a shot
of espresso, but my machine is idle, I'm out of luck:
my throttle is yolked to it's throttle.  similarly,
I'd worry about reaching critical uh, dissipation,
where it needs to brew a new shot of espresso every 
2.3 minutes, but I just can't handle them that fast.

I wouldn't want to be the vendor of a new case/heatsink/coffeemaker
that causes caffeine psychosis if you accidentally run Seti at Home ;)

maybe APCI could become ACPI (advanced coffee peripheral interface)
to resolve this.

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