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G'Day !

I believe you have the wrong subject line ... it should be "liquid 
heating", as the cooling of CPUs is just a side benefit  ;-)

Jim Parker

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important than that !!!

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On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Josip Loncaric wrote:

> Tom's Hardware idea of a water cooled CPU:
> Interesting, although they missed the most obvious benefit of today's
> hot CPUs: waste heat could be used to keep your coffee warm.  Now, if
> only someone would start building P4 systems with built-in coffee
> warmers...

This was my idea 2 years ago. Why not connect the cpu heatsink
to the underside of the top of a tower case. Coffee warmer,
hot plate, etc.  Now if you were really ingenious you could have 
liquid lines to heat the water for your coffee go through the
cpu heatsinks to use the heat to make hot water (rgb note: this is not 
a liquid cooling method discussion - I'm talk'n coffee). Then you could
have a program called coffee that would crank up your cpus to just the
right brewing temperature, make the coffee and keep it warm on top of the

Ah but I have given away to much. I am off to patent the 
"one click coffee maker workstation case"


> Sincerely,
> Josip
> P.S.  Dual use applications will grow.  Combining the traditional and
> the computing meanings of the word 'architect', IBM's Blue Gene
> architects envision an indoor cascading waterfall of chilled water to
> cool their million-processor machine.  IBM'ers will be able to relax
> with the pleasant sound of gurgling water while they compute...

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