newbie requests advice.

Adam Shand larry at
Tue Jun 19 10:51:34 PDT 2001

> we built a linux farm to do verilog simulations at the company I'm working
> for. as far as I know, all HDL simulators are single threaded, I don't
> know how would beowulf help you.

ah. okay doesn't surprise me but bummer.

> we are using a tool called LSF, from Platform Computing I think, which
> can monitor all the machines in our server farm and automatically
> dispatch simulation jobs to one of them when the job queues, server
> load, memory and other constraints are met.

yep lsf is one of the tools i've been pointed to by our developers.  does
it support transparent checkpointing and migration, that was one of the
features of condor i really liked (though the requirement of relinking the
apps makes it unfeasible).

any comments on how it compares with other tools?

> our experience shows that the limitation on 3GB memory is only
> problematic if you are running gate level simulation of a very large
> asic. but, in that case, you would have the same problem with any
> 32bit processor anyways.

yep that's exactly the problem we have is at the end of a project when we
have to do gate level simulations.


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