newbie requests advice.

Adam Shand larry at
Tue Jun 19 09:34:56 PDT 2001

> Well if your software is available in binary-only form and was
> compiled for the i386, the application itself is limited to 3GB.

okay i'm confused, apologies for my ignorance i'm not much of a programmer
(more of a perl/python hack).

why would the application itself be limited?

and is the limit with linux 2.4 3gb or 4gb of memory per process.  i've
had different people say directly conflicting stuff to me in personal
email from posts to this list (which was my general experience trying to
figure this out on the web as well).

> However, if your applications can use IPC or can do MPI, you could get
> several copies of the app running on one host (if you decide to pack
> more than 3GB into one host).  And communication within the 127.x.x.x
> net will be much faster than any other addresses. :)

unfortunately i don't think they do, so that's not an option.  i only
started working here a week ago so there's a lot i don't know about the
appliations we run, i'm just trying to get an overview of what's possible
so i can begin architecting sensible tests and set my boss' expectations


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