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>Tom's Hardware idea of a water cooled CPU:

For those that have looked at the link above, here's a few more ideas of 
my own for improvement on their CPU water-cooler.

1) Take the 'radiator' from the cooling system, remove those horrible 
noisy fans and put the radiator in the fridge. 

2) Ok, so your computer room/office/bedroom/whatever isn't next to the 
kitchen?  Well now you have the PERFECT excuse to go out and buy that bar 
fridge you always wanted next to the computer.

3) Oh if you live someplace COLD, don't bother with the fridge, just put 
the 'radiator' outside, run the hoses through the window (or wall) or 

4) Is it just me or is this WAY off-the-topic for a beowulfery list? 

5) :-)

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