newbie requests advice.

Adam Shand larry at
Sun Jun 17 17:24:20 PDT 2001

> No. You'll need a real 64-bit chip for this.

unfortunately my only options are sparc/solaris or intel/linux because
that's what the vendors support.

> It's not off-topic at all, and I'd suggest looking into Condor.

i'll check it out, it's looks interesting but it's a shame that you have
to relink an the app to take advantage of it's transparent migration

mosix looks like it might be interesting as well.

> If you can't estimate how much memory your jobs use then it'll be a
> bit more challenging.

i'm sure i can, but i only started last monday so i've got a lot of coming
up to speed to do.  i have a rough understanding of our needs but everyone
seems to have a slightly differnet opinion so i'm just gonna have to wade
through it. :)

thanks for the feedback.


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