LAM : unable to open(/dev/null, O_WRONLY)

Rajive rajive at
Sat Jun 16 22:54:40 PDT 2001


I converted the filesystem on our four node cluster to reiserfs.
On each node there r two partitons / and /usr. /home is mounted through NFS.
I started the sys with other hdd, mounted / and /usr on /user/node and

lilo:  linux root=/dev/hda2
# mount /dev/hdc2 /user/node && mount /dev/hdc3 /user/usr &&  cd /user
# tar -cvf node.tar node/ ; tar -cvf usr.tar usr/
# umount /dev/hdc2 ; umount /dev/hdc3
# mkreiserfs /dev/hdc2 ; resize_reiserfs /dev/hdc2 -s +2.1G
# mkreiserfs /dev/hdc3 ; resize_reiserfs /dev/hdc3 -s +7.9G
# mount /dev/hdc2 node ; mount /dev/hdc2 usr
# tar -xvf node.tar ; tar -xvf usr.tar
Modified /user/node/etc/fstab
Installed lilo on node hd and booted it with a kernel compiled with

All the nodes booted and every thing worked fine, But there is a problem in
starting LAM.
on node2.cbit.beowulf
Unable to open( /dev/null ,O_WRONLY) . ??

Is it wrong to tar /dev/ and untar it on another fs and assume it to work.??

The cluster is previously working fine with ext2fs.


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