[Q] rsh command problem ????

Kihyung Ju newton at alpha.kias.re.kr
Thu Jun 14 04:28:33 PDT 2001

I thanks to this mailling list users.
I have one problem(very strange...)
I have two machines (same Mandrake 8.0 installed).
I setup rsh program for no password connection.
All ok...
but, I find following problem.
node1> rsh node2     ----> OK
node2> rsh node1     ----> OK
node1> rsh node2.cluster.org
node2.cluster.org: Unknown host
node2> rsh node1.cluster.org
node1.cluster.org: Unknown host
well, node1, node2 has same /etc/hosts file with following lines.
....   node1.cluster.org  node1   node2.cluster.org  node2
order hosts,bind
multi on
domain cluster.org
but, telnet, ftp, ssh program is no problem. all ok,
only rsh, rcp program has a problem.
also, this systems have not nameserver.
I want to solve this problem...
thanks ....
Peace be with you...:)
                JU KI HYUNG

I love Jesus Christ, who gives me meanning of life.
In Christ, I have become shepherd and bible teacher.
e-mail : newton at kias.re.kr
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