liquid nitrogen cooling a possibility?

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Tue Jun 12 09:28:08 PDT 2001

Kryotech uses vapor phase refridgeration units... Unlike LN you don't have
to worry about evaporation of your coolant (except long term(leaks)) so
you don't have to replace it constantly... They're kinda out of the pc
business for now (it's hard to compete economically with aircooled 1.7ghz

at about $1000 extra per cpu and and extra 150 watt load that's not really
cost competitive with just buying more cpu's


On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Jeremy P. Mann wrote:


> Check out Kryotech for what things you can buy to overclock your cluster.
> I'm not sure what liquid they use, but they were the first with a 1G
> Athlon about a year ago. You could probably fine some of the used cooling
> units used on Ebay. It was a 4-5 inch deck that fit under the case and
> you had to drill holes in the bottom of the tanks to fit the cooling
> ducts.

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