question about the 3Com 3C905C-Tx /

Pedro Henrique Ponchio pedro at ASPATECH.COM.BR
Mon Jun 11 13:21:06 PDT 2001


I´m a little lost about the problem that we are facing with some of the
fast ethernet 3C905C-TX cards. I already ready carefully the vortex
page, try to compile some modules but nothing could help at all, until
now. Just after the conection succeds to the master node, the error
message "neighborhood table overflow" appears, and the machine reboots
after one or two minutes (I´m using the bootable floppy, created by the
Beosetup app ..). I even try to change the IP range, but I´m pretty sure
that no other machine is using this private adress between 192.168.0.x
to the ...

The both cards on the Master node is Ok (eth0 -, while eth1 -, I´m access the internal servers, the internet, etc,
without any problems.

My Beowulf installation is from CD, version (27Bz-7), based on the Red
Hat 6.2 distribution and kernel 2.2.17-33 . Should I have to recompile
the kernel? Or maybe replace the cards to another ones ... I´m using the
3c59x module ...

Thks very much,
Pedro Henrique (sorry about bad typing or grammar mistakes :)
from Sao Paulo - Brazil

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