FA11 and mii-diag

Steve drdeath at bigpond.net.au
Tue Jun 5 04:06:28 PDT 2001

        I have a Netgear A311 Network card. As it uses the Via-Rhine Chip. I seen the Via-rhime web page on scyld.com so i went on it and went into diagnostic programs. i wanted to test what the network card is set at. so i used the mii-diag prog and it said it was set at half-duplex. which i wanted it at full-duplex. so i did ./mii-diag -A 100Baset-FD eth1 as soon as i done it the nic went down. and now for some reason mii-diag keeps saying its at 10Mbits half-duplex and autoNway is disabled.

how do i get it back to its old state... you know how it normally has numbers on the mii-diag prob that tells u wat its set all , well all the numbers are 0 on mine


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