LUK ShunTim cestluk at
Mon Jun 4 20:37:55 PDT 2001

Sean Dilda wrote:
> On Mon, 04 Jun 2001, d.bussenschutt at wrote:
> > Also How do others boot their diskless clients?
> > Can anyone advise how Scyld does?
> > I saw someone reference something like "/dev/ram3" is this referencing a
> > ramdisk to boot from?
> We have moved away from nfs root.  Instead we have a setup that requires
> a very minimum install on the slave nodes (under 10M on our test
> cluster), so we have it setup so that you can just use a ramdisk on the
> slave node and we copy over everything we need when the slave nodes
> boot.  We also have things setup so that you can just setup the
> harddrive on the slave nodes and don't have to recreate the filesystem
> on every boot if you don't want to.

A related question.
I am interested to know what files are put up on the ramdisk.
Is there any documentation on this?


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