Hi you all! I built my first beowulf system and ...

Luis Fernando Licon Padilla licon at cimav.edu.mx
Fri Jun 1 12:53:31 PDT 2001

I'm writing my thesis about this topic to get my bachelors degree, we built a 
7 workstations HP beowulf cluster (We will scale it at the end of this year) 
with a Fast Ethernet Switch (3com/100mbps). I used NFS, NIS, SSH, MPICH (I'm 
very interested in learn mpi programming, is anybody imparting courses 
relative to it???????). Does anybody know how can I improve the perfomance of 
this cluster?? Besides, I will buy a LINDA license to run Gaussian 98 
(because some chemical investigators here at my job need it), but, I also 
want to develop some projects with mpi (or the correct tool to develop them) 
relative to fluid flow simultion, electrochemical digital signals processing 
and digital images processing. By the way, does anybody know which is the 
possible beowulf cluster faster ever under construction?

Thanks in advaced ;)

Luis Fernando Licon Padilla
Advanced Materials Research Center
Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico
Phone 52(1)4391154
Fax	52(1)4391112
"Black holes are where God divided by zero"-Steven Wright

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