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Clarke L. Jeffris clarke.jeffris at
Fri Jun 1 05:10:00 PDT 2001


This will be my first post to the list.  ...and definitely not my
last.  We/I am at the bottom of the cluster learning curve
looking up at the moment.  We now have an 8 node cluster.  I'm
installing Scyld.  My question is regarding the partitioning.  By
using the default partitioning scheme it doesn't make use of the
full capacity of my cluster.  I attempted to manually partition
the but upon doing so nothing loaded, i.e. all the Scyld
components failed to load. I have 5 drives on the master.  Four
of which I wanted to configure as a RAID and the fifth, just a
stand alone drive. Also, my slave nodes each have three drives
which I would like to make use of, but again the default setup
doesn't do that.  

That said,  what would be the proper procedure for partitioning
the Master and slaves?  I must have missed something.

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