Scyld and Red Hat 7

Ken lowther at
Wed Jan 31 11:44:11 PST 2001

Martin Siegert wrote:
> Honestly: why? What is there in RH 7 that I need and that I don't have
> in RH 6.2? RH 6.2 is still fully supported hence there is no reason
> to upgrade, if there isn't anything in RH 7 that really would be an
> improvement for a Beowulf.

I'm having problems with hardware compatability on some new machines. 
Scyld won't boot.  Since RH 6.2 would install, I thought I'd install
that and then put in the Scyld.  Then I found out it installed without
network support.  I've moved to another group of slower computers to try
and get at least something going.  27 pIII 450's will have to do for

So why use 7?  Better hardware support.

Now my remaining problem that I have to work on tonight.  I got the test
slave node up to Phase 3 install and started getting an error.   Was
hard to read the screen but PCI was involved and I think the network
card.  I'll try and get that straightened out tonight.  Not sure why the
network card would fail at that point.  Any hints on what to look for?


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