Compare and contrast the various "beowulf" on a CD offerings ...

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Happy to talk to you, write as time permits, etc . . .

I read the web page.  I think if I had to say anything about OSCAR is that
if the press release is true to its word, this CD has some promise.  The
fact that NCSA and the DOE are supporting it is a necessary component to
OSCAR's acceptance by the scientific/clustering community.

The read/pulse I get from many others, is that collectively while we can
show that clustering, and specifically the tools listed on the OSCAR cd, are
outperforming many other competitor's products, we still have a long way to
go to convince our department directors, CEOs, and even CIOs that this
really works.  I think you'll also always have that key group of people
trying to match/explore/outdo/whatever existing products, including Scyld.
We're always pushing existing limits.

If you're looking for some noise, the other thing I think you can count on
is that the words "Windows" and "cluster computing" in the same sentence
form a really nice oxymoron.  It's going to take projects like OSCAR with
good brain-trust backing like from the DOE and NCSA to establish the real
life value-added clustering technologies in the mainstream.  Microsoft sure
as hell has nothing worth while to contribute.  

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> All,
> With the recent press release on OSCAR (Open Source Cluster
> Applications Resources) at:
> and the various other cluster packages from the CD in the
> back of Building Linux Clusters by Spector through to the highly
> integrated offering from Scyld, I was wondering if the group
> would care to attempt to compare and contrast, create a little
> taxonomy, or discuss generally the value-added along this 
> dimension in cluster package space from a "raw" system to one 
> with software that more tighly couples things. In five years 
> are most of us still going to be rolling our own software or 
> will we all be running a Scyld or Scyld-like system. 
> Trying to find a frequency in the cluster software noise ...
> Thanks,
> rbw 
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