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Thu Jan 25 13:35:03 PST 2001


                  The briQ is a PowerPC based network appliance computer. Measuring just
                  inches wide, 1.625 inches tall and 8.9 inches deep (the size of a CD-ROM
drive), it
                  offers developers and OEMs a versatile platform for a wide range of
applications and
                  products such as firewalls, routers, security devices and web servers.

                  The briQ was designed with versatility in mind and is available with
either a
                  PowerPC 750 (G3) or 7400 (G4) processor and are upgradable in both speed
                  processor type. Storage and memory are also easily upgradable using
                  industry components. The briQ also allows the flexibility to run any
PowerPC based
                  Linux distribution available.

                  Board Picture 

                   Hardware Specifications 

                   CPU: PowerPC 750 (G3) or 7400 (G4) - Upgradable CPU module 

                   Chipsets: Northbridge - IBM CPC710-100+, Southbridge - Winbond W83C553

                   Memory: Two 168 DIMM sites, support for up to 512Mb of SDRAM, 3.3V,
                   unbuffered PC-100 SDRAM 

                   Local Bus: Local 60X bus speed: 100MHz 64-bit 

                   BootROM/BIOS: Open Firmware, supports remote boot 

                   Storage: IDE - 44 pin, 2mm connector, up to 40GB internal hard drive 

                   Serial: 16550C UART (w/FIFO), RS-232 interface, DE-9 connector 

                   Network: 10/100Base TX Ethernet 

                   Power: DC Inlet - 40W 

                   Expansion: 64-bit, 66MHz PCI connector (custom) 

                   Front Panel Display: Programmable Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD), 2 X
                   characters Two push button switches, bi-color LED 

                   Debug and Development: PCPLD ISP, BDM/COP, JTAG 

                   Dimensions: 5.74 X 1.625 X 8.9 inches 

                   Weight: 1.85 pounds 

                   Software Specifications 

                   Operating System: LinuxPPC - other distributions supported

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