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Wed Jan 24 12:02:24 PST 2001

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Scheen K. Thurmond wrote:

> Hi,

> can anyone tell me where I might find some information on how to
parallelize a program(s) to run on a Beowulf cluster?  The software that
I am particularly interested in running on a Beowulf Cluster is
molecular biology software with which you might be familiar: Phred,
Phrap, Crossmatch, all invoked using a Perl script.  The script itself
not only invokes the programs it is also involved in making directories
and moving files etc.  Any information that you can provide will be
greatly appreciated.

> Thanks Scheen K. Thurmond
> Scheen K. Thurmond, MLT(ASCP)
> Bioinformatics Technician

There are a lot of places.  The archives of this list is a good place to
look, as are the HOWTO's cited in a message posted just a few minutes
ago.  There are additional resources in or linked to the main beowulf
site, to the beowulf underground site, and on brahma
(  Then a trip to Amazon or Barnes and Noble
should reveal a number of books on parallel programming, including at
least one available online (which is linked into the "How to Engineer a
Beowulf Cluster book draft on brahma -- I don't recall the URL offhand).


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