EtherExpressPro & linux-2.2.14

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Wed Jan 24 04:12:17 PST 2001

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, zolia wrote:

> hello,
> we are using EEPRO card for high bandwidth server and after 10 days i've
> got:
> eth0: transmit timed out: status 0050 0090 at 68153748/68153753 command
> 0000c000
> and after ifconfig eth down/up i get:
> eth0: transmit timed out: status 0050 0090 at 0/15 command 0001a000
> what kind of err is this? Is it driver bug?
> p.s. i know it's a little offtopic, but i know that Becker reads this list
> :)

Ah, but if you go to and click on "Linux network drivers"
and then click on "driver mailing lists" you can a) join the eepro100
list (which is no big deal -- it is mailman controlled and can be
digested or suspended for flow control) AND b) look over the
mailman-accessible list archives to see if your problem is already

Don reads those lists as well, and currently they are likely to get as
much of his attention, as rapidly or more so, as the beowulf list.  The
additional benefit of posting there, though, is one of the other list
members who use eepro100's regularly might be able to help you and spare
poor ol' Don the trouble...;-)


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