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Hi Rick,

About beofdisk, is it possible to do a "fdisk" to a particular node? Like
in "bpctl" or "beoboot-install".


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> After doing a "beofdisk -w", you have to do a reboot for the partition
> table to be written. On scyld software, you can reboot with
> "bpctl -S <node_number> -s reboot"
> That should get it to work.

Hmmm... I'm not sure I agree.  You shouldn't have to reboot to have
the partition table written.

Let go though what I think is happening...

> beoboot -q
> beoboot -w

First off I sure hope you mean "beofdisk -q" and not "beoboot -q".
Second, if you slave nodes have some previous partitioning scheme
(i.e. this disks have been used for something else before) and you
want the default Scyld "beofdisk -q -d" which will write
out the default partition table (to a /etc/beowulf/fdisk file) that
will include a partition for the beoboot image.  Then do "beofdisk -w"
to write it out.

After this, "beoboot-install -a /dev/hda" should work...

           Rick Niles
           Scyld Computing Corporation
           ("author of beofdisk")

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