D-Link switch and ecc-memory.

Jon Tegner tegner at nada.kth.se
Mon Jan 15 06:32:58 PST 2001

Hi all,

we have a small system, eight nodes with D-Link DFE-530 TX nics and a
D-Link DES-3225G switch.

Initially the parallel performance was completely unacceptable, but then
we found (took some time...) that if the switch was restarted AFTER all
the nodes were booted the performance went up to normal.

After an update of PROM code and Runtime Code on the switch the
situation was improved slightly (i.e, we got acceptable performance
using three nodes even if the switch was not restarted).

It doesn't seem to matter if we specify full-duplex for the nics in
conf.modules, and I wonder if anyone else have experienced similar

I also have an completely unrelated question, would there be any problem
to use ecc-memory with Athlons? And how big is the risk of getting
memory related errors (for example, we haven't used ecc-memory on our
system, is it "stupid" not to use ecc-memory)?



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