More stable hardware ??

Roche, Olivier {PRBT~Basel} OLIVIER.ROCHE at
Thu Jan 11 08:07:13 PST 2001


I have scan a little bit the archive of the mailing list and I have
seen many particular points on hardware, but I would like a more
general view...

I would like to build a 16 CPUs beowulf cluster. It seems that
dual processors are better. So I would like to purchase 8 nodes.
But could someone tells me which hardware, at the present time,
have the most high rate between stability over performence ??

I have read that, maybe SuperDER is a good motherboard (or not ?).
I would rather think about ABIT or ASUS and maybe 3com as a 
ethernet card, but I have no clue how this particular hardware
fits with a beowulf cluster.

So if you can give me any indication about the "stable" hardware I
can pourchase (I will administrate the cluster !!), It will be very helpful.



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