Rack mounted systems.

Yeoh Yiu squid at panix.com
Wed Jan 10 17:01:26 PST 2001

"Erik Mintz" <emintz at staff.mail.com> writes:

> 	The tightest density in today's market is with the RIA model servers from
> Crystal, they are less than 1U, with a special hot-plug mounting system.
> Check them out on their
> site -http://crystalpc.com/products/computers/ria.asp You can fit 52 in a
> standard 7ft rack. they have built custom backplanes for me, and they have
> twin processor boards under development.
> To load a cabinet with 52 servers, you'll need to order extra power, and
> good cooling (raised floor, low ambient temp, etc.). If you'd like, I can
> set you up with a sales engineer. I use them extensively, great systems.
> 	The next step down from that would be Compaq with their dl360 models at 1U
> (42 servers in a 7ft rack). They come standard with dual capable
> motherboards, and two PCI slots. They also have a built in twin ethernet
> chipset, but I've had problems with this chipset and Beowulf (intel). The
> compaqs also need more cooling and power than the Crystals, but they have a
> fast built in scsi with hot-swap drives.

I think e-Appliance claims 28 servers per foot by by tightly packing
boards inside U1 boxes.


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