Rack mounted systems.

Tenhave, Tim Tim.Tenhave at compaq.com
Wed Jan 10 13:24:25 PST 2001

Hi Paul,

Don't forget power needs.  Don't forget cooling needs == power needs.

You can get X86 2P boxes in 1U form factors.  Many venders sell them. You
can place up to 40-42 units in most tall 19" wide cabinets offered.  This
would be 84 processors in a cab, meaning about 7 cabinets in a fully loaded
rack situation.  (Note: each cabinet with many boxes, side panels and doors
could then be considered a "heat" chimney of sorts.)

The down side is you need to figure networking, if the nodes are simply to
cramped, and other needs so you may blow out to 10 or 12 cabinets to do this
cluster.  Given the 19" form factor rack is about 21-22" wide with side
panels and it is about 30-32" deep, you get the feel for floor space of one

When I mentioned power above, don't forget each node has a power cord.  The
cords need to be grouped and the "grouped" cord needs to go to some sort of
power outlet box.  Either way you do it, you will have many power outlets
used as well.

This is just a few thoughts...


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