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> I have a maybe silly question to Beowulf experts.
> We are planning to set up a small cluster of ~10 nodes during the next
> year, and if the
> results (in terms of speed) are ok, we think to enlarge it. Currently we
> are using CRAYs
> and MPI.
> Now to my questions
>     1) which linux-distribution is best for beowulf (redhat, suse, ...)
Its really a matter of taste and experience, I helped set up a cluster using
debian since the majority of the team members were debian buffs, it was easy
to set up and it came with povray which happened to be the application we
wanted to benchmark against.  Redhat also seems to be a common choice.
>     4) any additional hints ?

This maybe stating the obvious so please don't take offense but the beowulf
howto provides step by step setup of the cluster.

Hope that helped.

David Irvine

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