Memory leak in cluster NFS

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Mon Jan 8 09:36:17 PST 2001

There is a patch available in the bug reporting system at that fixes this problem.  I will be
releasing a new version of the software shortly, now that I again have a
Unix system at my disposal.

ClusterNFS was designed for the situation where the nodes have mixed
sequential/parallel use.  The purpose and advantage of ClusterNFS over
"PXE+DHCP+hardlinked passwd/shadow" file configuration comes when you want
to maintain the systems you've installed.   If you need to update some
feature of the configuration on all of the machines, there are 2 problems:
1) it is necessary to connect to each machine and individually make the
necessary change and 2) it is difficult to keep track of which machines have
been updated.  Both of these become even more difficult when there are long
running sequential jobs that should not be interrupted.

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I had a same problem with you.
I have changed the Cluster NFS to kernel NFS.

I think the ClusterNFS is not great helpful to diskless cluster and it needs
a same cost with "PXE+DHCP+hard linked passwd/shadow file configuration"

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> We just have tried ClusterNFS ( ).
> We observe a significant memory leakage. (To prevent crashes, we have to
> restart the nfs-server every couple of hours.)
> There is an (unresolved) bug report on sourceforge
> (
> ). But I am wondering why the memory leak was discovered so late. (The
> current release of ClusterNFS is from November last year.) So perhaps the
> problem occurs only under certain circumstances (big hard drives, special
> file systems...).
> Any experiences?
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