Cluster MOBO suggestions

Richard Walsh rbw at
Mon Jan 8 09:25:20 PST 2001

Mike Mettke wrote:

>did anybody run the same test on an Serverworks HE chipset ?
>They claim 4.1GByte/s bandwidth which sounds, well, fantastic.
>If that's anywhere near true we might get them.

These looks like the numbers you get with reading and writing from/to
the coppermine L1 cache (nothing to do with the chipset). L2 cache 
gives you about 2 GBytes/s (again nothing to do with the chipset), 
and memory gives you about 500 Mbytes/s if you run 2 stream jobs 
simultaneously (peak for a single job is about the same as the 
number for the LE ~380 MBytes/sec). 

As has been pointed before (Steffen Persvold), it works out that 
the SW_HE dual boards get about a 35% performance boost over SW_LE 
when running two stream jobs simultaneously.


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