Scyld, RedHat 7.0 and Athlon's

Donald B. Kinghorn kinghorn at
Fri Jan 5 12:51:53 PST 2001

Hi Frank,
I haven't tried Scyld's software on it yet but ... I've used Mandrake 7.2
on a SocketA and SlotA Athlon and SocketA Duron,  with no problems, but if
you try it be sure to get the distribution from mandrake soft. The boxed
set that I  found at Wal-Mart had a broken installer.    At Wal-Mart! ...
I'm still amazed ...

RedHat 7.0 should have the correct cpu database too but I haven't tried it.

... Ahh, just remembered, I had trouble installing on the ASUS socketA
motherboard with the on board ATA/100 controller. Wound up using the
onboard ATA/66 controller instead. I haven't had any problems with systems
using the Promise ATA/100 PCI card though.

Hope this is useful info

> Does anyone no if it is possible to use Scyld's software on a Redhat 7.0
> system.  We are putting together an 85 node Athlon system.  There is a
> hardware conflict with RedHat 6.2 on Athlon Thunderbird machines.  This
> was confirmed by the vendor after we had spent much time trying to
> diagnose the problem.  The vendor (SYNS) says "Slot A Original Athlon
> does not have any problem, but
> Thunderbird and Duron (both SocketA or SlotA)are not supported by 6.2."
> Thanks,
> Frank
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