Scyld, Athlon, and Asus A7V?

Jim Phillips jim at
Fri Jan 5 16:36:48 PST 2001


So, we've just gotten 18 1.1GHz Athlon machines and we're testing out
Scyld.  The one test machine we had worked fine (installed with the Scyld
disk but just ran 1 CPU benchmarks).  Now we're trying to get the slaves
working but the disk partitions keep getting corrupted.  Everything worked
great on an old Pentium 200MHz we had sitting around and we didn't have
any real problems installing the master either.  These are Asus A7V
motherboards with Promise PCI-ATA100 controllers and Western Digital 20GB
drives.  Is there anything in the two kernel monte procedure that could be
causing this problem?  Do we need a newer kernel than 2.2.16?  Is
something wrong with sfdisk running on the slave nodes?  Something creepy
in the BIOS?  Anyone else have experience with these?


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