A little off topic (but not so much ;-)

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    You can now do FC-AL and FC-SW, but the FC-SW needs a different HBA. 
If you are using Red Hat 6.0 in FC-AL mode than you can have 8 servers (x86
or Alpha) connected to one HSG80 pair, if you are using Red 6.1/6.2 or Suse
6.3/6.4 you can use FC-AL or FC-SW (with the correct adapter i.e
167433-B21for SW mode, 167432-001 for FC-AL) up to 4 servers (x86 or Alpha)
connected to one HSG80 pair - this what is stated in the support matrix.

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did anyone use Compaq MA8000 (or RA8000) Storage Server under Linux?
If so, are FC switches and/or hubs supported with Linux?
Mainly, if MA8000 is supported, how many nodes can I connect to each of
these storage servers?
I know they come with two double-channel FC controllers (HSG80).
Any help is welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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