Combined use of FNNs and AFNs

Christoph Wasshuber wasshub at
Wed Feb 28 12:03:41 PST 2001

> Some background for those who care:
> Our research group has become rather small in our transistion from
> Purdue University to the University of Kentucky, mainly to people
> graduating, and getting "real" jobs. :)
> At the moment, I'm the only Ph.D. student left working on developing
> all theses things directly here at UofKY.  If you know of anyone who
> would like to attend UofKY in the near future and work on this stuff with
> us, please cosider it.  We have some really cool technologies waiting
> for that eager student to flush out into reality.

let me just add that I think AFNs have a huge potential.
Personally, I think they could be the future. And the
group around Hank and Tim is really cool! I would love
to see more work done in this direction.


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