Will Mosix go into the standard kernel?

Rik van Riel riel at conectiva.com.br
Tue Feb 27 13:32:44 PST 2001

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001, David L. Nicol wrote:

> I've thought that it would be good to break up the different
> clustering frills -- node identification, process migration,
> process hosting, distributed memory, yadda yadda blah, into
> separate bite-sized portions.

It would also be good to share parts of the infrastructure
between the different clustering architectures ...

> Is there a good list to discuss this on?  Is this the list?
> Which pieces of clustering-scheme patches would be good to have?

I know each of the cluster projects have mailing lists, but
I've never heard of a list where the different projects come
together to eg. find out which parts of the infrastructure
they could share, or ...

Since I agree with you that we need such a place, I've just
created a mailing list:

	linux-cluster at nl.linux.org

To subscribe to the list, send an email with the text
"subscribe linux-cluster" to:

	majordomo at nl.linux.org

I hope that we'll be able to split out some infrastructure
stuff from the different cluster projects and we'll be able
to put cluster support into the kernel in such a way that
we won't have to make the choice which of the N+1 cluster
projects should make it into the kernel...


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