WinNT/Linux hybrids?

Krys Kaya-sar krystyx at
Wed Feb 28 06:25:30 PST 2001


> My systems are not setup to do this (no NFS) but it is certainly an
> interesting proposition.  Can linux mount a partition, through an
> that exists on a WinNT box and vice versa?  Personally I would find this
> be a very handy option if it can be done.
> Respectfully,
> Phil

answer: yes. i use samba to mount NT partitions on linux frequently. the
main drawback i have had is that you loose most (ALL) of your security in
the mount. the only security available that i have seen for this is a weak
hybrid of the ntfs permissions and the mount options. all users on the linux
system get the same permissions because the mount uses a single NT
username/password to make the connection. i would like to see this updated
to allow intelligent interpretation of permissions using the real
username/password of the user on a per login basis rather than the current
per mount basis. <hint, hint>

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