Mount windows partitions remotely

Nigel Weeks nigel at
Tue Feb 27 19:41:51 PST 2001

You certainly can. I do all day every day.
use something like:
mount -t smbfs -o username=guest,password=guest //windowsserver/sharename

Unsure you leave out hte last slashes on the paths
If you've got a  Domain controller on the windows network, and samba knows
about it, you'll have to set up the user on the PDC.
Otherwise, it's just the username and password you set on the share.
Oh, watch out for 98 and NT - sometimes the password encryption is different
to 95. It's all in the samba docs.

Have fun:-)


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>  Can linux mount a partition, through an ethernet,
> that exists on a WinNT box and vice versa?

I think you can just share the files like you would for any Win9x client,
then use samba in linux to mount the SMB filesystem.


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