four-tier applications (was re: WinNT/Linux)

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Tue Feb 27 10:32:11 PST 2001

That is *exactly* how I approach data integration with Windows platforms,
and it works best.  When getting data to cross platforms like that, you
really need to strip it down to its most basic forms.  I'm at the point
where I don't even like using JavaScript anymore to support clients.  

Richard Schilling

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> Subject: four-tier applications (was re: WinNT/Linux)
> I also had the problem of integrating data on Linux boxes
> with users on Windoze. I use:
> - apache as a front-end for postgreSQL, through the PHP 
> scripting language. Can't see why you couldn't use PHP
> to parse plain-text files dumped by your calculation.
> - a small graphical Java front-end for other kinds of 
> programs, through a direct socket-to-socket connection.
> The nice part with both HTML and Java is that there are 
> enough programmers out there (e.g. my students) who know
> them well enough to fiddle with font-end issues, giving
> ME time to fiddle with the gory innards of the system.
> Cheers,
> Alan Ward
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